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Coronavirus in Uganda

28 Jan

Uganda has been affected by coronavirus with the first cases being confirmed in late March. In response, the Government quickly closed schools and banned public gatherings. Public transport was largely suspended and severe restrictions imposed on private transport. Some of these restrictions were a little odd. For example, motorbikes, which are an important part of public transport, were allowed on the roads up until 2pm but were not allowed to carry passengers at any time. Sam Watalatsu, KRDP’s representative, was able to obtain a permit which allowed him to drive his car within a defined part of the country. This allowed him to continue with his own work and that of KRDP. Rather than a complete lockdown, a curfew between the hours of 7pm and 6.30am was imposed. Food shops and supermarkets were allowed to remain open but open-air markets have been closed.

Now, in January 2021, lockdown restrictions are being eased. Schools have restarted for all pupils. Travel is now less restricted. Shops and businesses for non-food goods are now reopening. Public gatherings are allowed but with limits on numbers.

It is difficult to say what the impact has been on the country. Official figures from the World Health Organisation show around 40,000 confirmed cases and 318 deaths by mid-January 2021. Both could easily be optimistic numbers given the communication problems within the country and the limited availability of testing kits. However, in our regular contacts with friends, there has been no information shared to suggest a massive health problem. However, even if coronavirus is not a big problem, its knock on effects certainly are. Transport restrictions caused problems with food supplies, particularly in towns and cities. Even if food was available, people could not work if they could not travel and so had reduced levels of income. The spurious interest, in the early part of 2020, in chloroquine as a coronavirus treatment in some countries led to massive increases in costs. It is used, correctly, in Uganda as a malaria treatment but the increased cost  led to reduced usage for some months. More recently there has been a return to more normal conditions.  Similar problems have arisen with children’s vaccines for measles, diphtheria, tetanus and a range of other diseases. Some modelling by a team of UK and Swiss scientists in 2020 suggested that additional deaths from reductions in these vaccinations could be over 700,000 for the whole of Africa and would represent a more severe threat than coronavirus itself.

Support for Safe Motherhood

28 Jan

We have some good news to share!

If you have been following us for some time you will know that the funding for our Safe Motherhood Programme, from the Burdett Trust for Nursing, was due to come to an end this year. We have been so grateful to the Burdett Trust for their support for several years, making a huge difference to the lives of literally thousands of people as we have been able to deliver health care to the most remote areas surrounding our village project.

We are delighted to announce that Swettenham Chemists, a family owned chain of pharmacies based around Chester, have stepped in to offer sponsorship in their place. A huge thank you to Swettenhams for their help.

Find us on Facebook

13 Sep

KRDP in Uganda is our Facebook page. You can follow all our up-to-date information from UK and during our visits to Uganda

Measles Vaccinations

11 Sep

Measles has been a problem in Uganda for many years but has become more serious in the recent past. Vaccinations are provided at Kimtab Clinic and through the Safe Motherhood Programme. A door-to-door campaign was run during the four months April to July 2019 in which 2496 children were vaccinated.

Support KRDP through your Amazon shopping

8 May

KRDP has registered with Amazon under their SmileAmazon scheme. We will receive 0.5% of the value of shopping made by any of our supporters who register. If you would like to register and support us in this way, click on the following link.

We will not know who has registered or what they have bought. We will not be able to see your Amazon account in any way whatsoever. Simply continue to use the SmileAmazon site for  your future shopping. If you are a member of Amazon Prime, this will not be affected in any way.

If you would like to support us in this way, we would be very grateful. If you would like more information, contact us at

Eric Morgan Memorial Hall

26 Nov

For several years the school has wanted a hall in which assemblies, concerts and other similar activities could take place. They have access to St. John’s Church but it is not always available in view of regular church activities. Also, it was not possible to have displays of artwork for extended periods within the church.

Eric Morgan had been a loyal supporter of KRDP for many years. He contributed generously to several projects and have encouragement to the rest of us. He came to  Uganda with us on several occasions and developed very close links with our partners in Kimaluli-Butta. In many ways they became his second family and he was known as “Papa Eric” within the Community. Sadly, Eric died in 2017.

During 2018 KRDP funded the construction of the school hall. The community readily agreed that it should be dedicated in Eric’s memory. It is an excellent building which will be a really useful addition to the school’s facilities and a fitting memorial to Eric.


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Generous support by a local artist

30 Mar

We are thrilled to have been donated this painting, ‘Rhosgadean’,
by Maurice Greenwood RCA, to raise funds for KRDP. Maurice heard a talk about the work of our charity and was so moved that he immediately offered one of his paintings to us; and of course we were delighted. Maurice’s work has been exhibited nationally in Wales and throughout the UK, and is in many private collections as far afield as Australia and China. He is an Academician of the Royal Cambrian Academy, having been elected in 1988.

The Mayor of Frodsham, Maillie Poulton, heard of Maurice’s kindness and immediately offered to arrange for an auction of the painting at the Annual Mayor’s Ball on Friday 7th April.

Thank you to both these men for their support for our work; we will let you know the outcome in due course!

A Motorbike Ambulance to improve transport for patients

3 Sep

From early 2015, a motorbike ambulance has been based at Kimtab Clinic to provide much better transport of patients to Kimtab Clinic from remote parts of the community, or to hospitals in Mbale or elsewhere. KRDP have set out to cover the operating costs of the ambulance and provide it as a free service to the community. We are grateful to the Burdett Trust for Nursing for providing funding for the next three years to enable us to make a solid start on this important initiative.IMG_1330-1

Expanding the Safe Motherhood Programme

3 Sep

Burdett LogoThe Safe Motherhood Programme brings healthcare to mothers and babies, plus many other members of the community, in remote areas from which they would not be able to easily get to the Kimtab Clinic. It has become firmly established during the last two years thanks to support we have received from the Burdett Trust for Nursing. Based on the demand that is clearly there for this service, KRDP has been exploring the possibility of expanding the programme so that there are 8 local clinics per month, rather than the present 4. We are grateful that the Burdett Trust for Nursing has generously provided  funding that will allow this to happen.

Support from the Inner Wheel

27 Jul

Many thanks to Jean Brook and the ladies of Frodsham and Helsby Inner Wheel who nominated KRDP as their Overseas Charity this year.

Moira and Gill attended their end of year dinner recently and were presented with a cheque for an impressive £1,500. This donation will be used to support our water projects. inner wheel logo