Nalondo Butta Primary School


Nalondo Butta Primary School is a Government School with around 800 pupils, located in the community adjacent to the one where we have worked for the past fifteen years. We visited the school during an earlier visit to Uganda and found that the buildings and furniture were basic but functional. However, the Head Teacher had pressed upon us the fact that they were very short of textbooks. The school did not figure in the Government’s long-term plan to receive the support to overcome this. In 2015 our Uganda partners decided this was a problem that they would address and asked for support from UK. In response, we provided funds to purchase text books and teachers’ guides for English, Science, Agriculture, Social Studies and Mathematics, for each of the seven year-groups in the school. More recently we provided bookcases to allow the books to be stored in a satisfactory manner. In 2019 we funded the construction of a new pit latrine for the pupils.

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