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Broomfield County Junior School supports KRDP

27 Oct

Broomfield County Junior School, Warrington supported us as their school charity for the academic year 2009 – 2010.

The children thought up their own ways of helping with cake sales, beat the goalie competitions, and much more, and they raised an amazing £1,902.21p.

Thank you to all the children and staff, and to their headteacher, Mr. Greenwood.

Bras for Uganda

25 Oct

We were asked if we could find any second hand but good quality bras to take out with us to Uganda on our trip in 2009: apparently second hand bras from the UK are far superior in quality to anything readily available in Uganda.

In no time at all we had donations of upwards of 1,000 and stuffed them – literally – into our luggage. the ladies we were able to give them to were overjoyed as you can see from the images below. Perhaps we don’t always appreciate the choices available to us here in the UK?

The women in the area of Okorom, near to Ngora in the Kumi District, were so grateful for the bras, they wrote a letter to say thank you and read it out to us.