Rain water harvesting

Rain water is plentiful at some times of the year in Uganda. Where it falls on roofs made of corrugated iron, it can be collected from the gutters and held in tanks. The roofs will be dirty and rusty and so the water may well not be of drinking quality. However this is an important way of providing a supply of water at places where it is needed.

The very first project KRDP completed involved a large underground tank beside the clinic. A simple, hand-operated pump enabled the water to be withdrawn.

Although the water needed to be boiled before use, the size of the tank meant that the water needs of the clinic could be met for a large part of the year.

More recently, plastic tanks have been installed at ground level to collect water falling on the roof of the clinic extension. These provide water for the boys living in the hostel within the building as well as for families in the immediate area.

It costs around £1000 to fit gutters to a building and install a collection tank on a sound foundation. This is a cost-effective way to provide a sources of water.

water tank

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