Kimtab Clinic

Baby in Kimtab Clinic

Kimtab clinic provides the whole area with a nurse-led healthcare service including ante-natal and childbirth care, family planning, HIV and AIDS counselling, and emergency first aid. It is managed by Thabbisah, a local trained nurse and a member of the Uganda Private Midwives Association.

KRDP has funded specific projects to improve the clinic’s buildings and equipment. We also provide ongoing support through the provision of basic drugs and funding for an expansion of the Safe Motherhood Programme which has brought ante-natal, child care and basic health education into the more remote parts of the community.

Specific projects we have carried out include:

  • a rainwater collection and pumping system to meet the needs of the clinic and its immediate area (2000)
  • redecoration of the clinic and fitting a new ceiling (2001)
  • a gas-fuelled fridge to enable the clinic to store vaccines (2002)
  • an extension to the clinic building to provide space for visiting specialists (2006)
  • connection of an electricity supply for power and lighting (2009)
  • installing ceramic tiles to the floor and walls throughout the clinic (2010)
  • general rehabilitation of the clinic building (2011)
  • a new solar-powered fridge for vaccine storage (2016)
During 2015 following discussions with the District Health Officer, we have made further improvements to the clinic so that doctors from his team can operate from the clinic. A laboratory technician attends to carry out analysis of blood samples. In addition, 2-3 recently qualified midwives are based at the clinic as part of their in-service training. This enables services to be provided on a 24/7 basis.
We are supporting the operation of a motorbike ambulance to provide much better transport for patients who need to be brought to the clinic or to local hospitals.

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