Kimaluli High School

Kimaluli High School was started by local parents. Initially, they could only afford two mud-brick classrooms, no furniture and very few books or equipment. The government wanted to close it down.

KRDP’s support enabled the school to build two high-quality classrooms in 2002. We also provided desks, text books, science equipment and stationery, together with teachers’ offices. As a result of these improvements the government reveresed its decision and, in 2004, took the school into the national education system. It appointed more teachers, with better qualifications, and now and began to pay their  salaries. In 2007 we added two further classrooms that could be opened up into one large room, suitable for examinations.

Our more recent projects include:

  • A new block with three further classrooms and a science laboratory
  • Providing electricity for lighting and power throughout the school
  • Converting one classroom into an IT suite
  • Providing equipment for the teaching of physics, chemistry and biology
  • Facilities for on-site duplicating
  • Repairs to building foundations and construction of storm-water channels to prevent future damage.

In 2011 the Uganda Government received funding from the World Bank for improvements to high school education. Kimaluli High School was chosen to be included in this programme. Starting in 2012, the school was extended by a major building programme.

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One Response to “Kimaluli High School”

  1. joseph NANDAHA June 29, 2013 at 7:58 pm #

    Thank you very much KRDP for you have made kimaluli high school a beautiful school unlike those days when i was there as a student

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