The school in 2014

Using funds from the World Bank, Kimaluli High School has been greatly expanded. The building programme was finished in 2014 and has added

  •  six new classrooms
  • two laboratories with rooms for storage and preparations
  • toilet blocks.

The school has also been provided with internet access, with facilities to store water collected from the classroom roofs and with secure fencing around its perimiter. These new facilities have allowed changes to some of the existing buildings to meet other needs within the school.

  • The laboratory provided by KRDP in 2009 has been converted into a library.
  • One of the existing classrooms has been modified to provide administration facilities and offices for the increased teaching staff.

Kimaluli High School is now one of the most significant schools in this district of Uganda. It has around 800 pupils and continues to grow as it attracts pupils from a number of primary schools, including some in Kenya. Its examination results are very good and it has begun to offer A-level courses for the first time.

World bank buildings 2-1

World bank buildings 1-1

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