Prayer pointers

As a Christian organisation we welcome prayer for our work. Here are some pointers…

  • Our talks and presentations at community groups and schools across the UK are suspended due to coronavirus restrictions. We want to be able to resume these as soon as possible. In the meantime our funds are limited and therefore so is our ability to support new projects. The Trustees need wisdom in deciding which projects to support.
  • The Shout Out for the Girls project, including our UK sewing groups, is also suspended. We know people continue to be interested in this and we want to be able to resume as soon as possible. We were able to obtain more sewing machines and launched some new sewing activities in Uganda.
  • The work of the three schools we support, particularly for the staff and head teachers.
  • Kimtab Clinic, and its monthly outreach clinics in the Safe Motherhood Programme.
  • The Motorbike Ambulance, which is needing increasing levels of maintenance as it gets older
  • We are grateful that Swettenham Chemists will be funding the Safe Motherhood Programme and the Motorbike Ambulance from July 2021.
  • Our friends in Uganda, including our representative Sam Watalatsu, the KRDP-Uganda committee, the craft workshops and suppliers who are critical to Uganda Direct, who are all facing real difficulties from the coronavirus lockdown restrictions in their country.
  • The future. KRDP started in 2001 so all of us involved in it are 20 years older. Perhaps not a problem in UK but it is a challenge in Uganda, where we have had serious health issues within the KRDP-Uganda committee. We all need to think about succession planning, even though it is difficult. Also how we make sure our work continues to meet the needs of the Kimaluli-Butta community, particularly given that it is very unlikely we will be able to visit Uganda again for some considerable time.

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