Prayer pointers

As a Christian organisation we welcome prayer for our work. Here are some pointers…

  • Our talks and presentations at community groups and schools across the UK.
  • The work of the three schools we support, particularly for the staff and head teachers.
  • Kimtab Clinic, and its monthly outreach clinics in the Safe Motherhood Programme.
  • The Motorbike Ambulance, which is needing increasing levels of maintenance as it gets older
  • A new source of funding when our grant from Burdett Trust for Nursing comes to an end in mid 2021.
  • The Shout Out for the Girls project, including our UK sewing groups, and particularly that we will be able to launch new sewing activities in Uganda.
  • Uganda Direct, particularly for the craft workshops supplying us, and our agents/suppliers in Uganda
  • Trustees’ decisions on future projects
  • The future. KRDP started in 2001 so all of us involved in it are nearly 20 years older. Perhaps not a problem in UK but it is a challenge in Uganda, where we have had serious health issues within the KRDP-Uganda committee. We all need to think about succession planning, even though it is difficult. Also how we make sure our work continues to meet the needs of the Kimaluli-Butta community.

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