Protected springs

Natural springs are an important source of water for people and for animals. However they often emerge in a muddy pool, meaning that the water is of poor quality and it is not easy to collect it in a large plastic container.

A spring can be improved, or ‘protected’ to use the local term, by ensuring the spring emerges in a concreted area with proper steps so that it becomes much easier to get to and then fill the container. A further important feature is providing a large underground pit filled with stones through which the water flows very slowly, so allowing much of the mud and dirt to settle, before the water emerges.

The water will not be of drinking quality but it is much cleaner than would otherwise be the case and can be used for purposes such as washing. At around £1000 per spring, it is a very cost-effective way of improving water quality.

Follow this link to read how our most recent protected spring has brought clean water to an amazing number of people

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