Neginah River Bridge

The Neginah River flows through the area where KRDP works, dividing it into two parts, There are two bridges across the river which are part of the Government road network but these are several miles apart. It created an obstacle for farmers going to their fields, children going to school, people who need to attend the clinic and those going about every other aspect of their lives. Several years ago the community had built their own bridge in order to improve links between the two river banks.

During KRDP’s visit to Uganda in February 2020 we were shown the bridge, which had been destroyed when the river became swollen following a prolonged period of heavy rain.

We agreed we would support this project. Progress has been somewhat slow due to continuing wet weather and the impact of coronavirus restrictions. However the bridge was completed in December 2020. It is a robust structure, providing a secure means of crossing the river for pedestrians, bicycles and motorbikes.

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