Butta Primary School

Butta primary school

At the start of KRDP’s involvement, Butta Primary School had around 1000 pupils in seven classrooms built of mud bricks. The children sat on earth floors. One text book was shared between 20 pupils, and there was very little equipment.

With support from KRDP, four new classrooms were built in 2004, with two more in 2006.  All pupils at that time had proper desks. Three projects provided the whole school with sufficient text books for English, Maths, Science and Social Studies to share one between three pupils. We have also provided an office for the head teacher and a staffroom for the teachers.

More recently, our projects have included:

  • Connecting the school to the local electricity supply, to provide lighting and power in all classrooms
  • Building proper toilet facilities for teachers and pupils

The school has continued to grow and now has over 1300 pupils. Several of the year groups within the school had over 100 pupils which means that teaching was still taking place under difficult circumstances. In 2012 we supported the building of a new classroom block to provide four more classrooms. In 2013-2014 we provided desks and teachers furniture for these new classes. We also provided further textbooks to take account of the extra pupils and also changes in the Uganda National Curriculum. We also were able to provide a reading library in conjunction with the Africa Educational Trust.

A major problem in running the school had long been that all records fore the 1300 pupils were kept on paper. The Head Teacher had often asked if KRDP could help him acquire computer facilities since these would not be available to a rural primary school within the Uganda educational system. In 2015 we were able to obtain a laptop through Computers4Africa and presented this, together with appropriate software, to the school during the Trustees visit that year. A second laptop was provided in 2016.

In 2018 we funded the building of a new school hall.

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