Eric Morgan Memorial Hall

26 Nov

For several years the school has wanted a hall in which assemblies, concerts and other similar activities could take place. They have access to St. John’s Church but it is not always available in view of regular church activities. Also, it was not possible to have displays of artwork for extended periods within the church.

Eric Morgan had been a loyal supporter of KRDP for many years. He contributed generously to several projects and have encouragement to the rest of us. He came to  Uganda with us on several occasions and developed very close links with our partners in Kimaluli-Butta. In many ways they became his second family and he was known as “Papa Eric” within the Community. Sadly, Eric died in 2017.

During 2018 KRDP funded the construction of the school hall. The community readily agreed that it should be dedicated in Eric’s memory. It is an excellent building which will be a really useful addition to the school’s facilities and a fitting memorial to Eric.


Phase 3 - pic147gPhase 3 - pic122g

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