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Visit to Uganda in February 2014

26 Jul

Flat tyre 2


In February of this year 5 of us travelled out to Uganda –  Gareth and Gill, Dick and Moira, and Gareth’s dad Eric, who had celebrated his 90th birthday just a week before we left. This is an age most Ugandans don’t reach, so this was particularly amazing to our friends out there!

We achieved a lot in 10 days – inspecting projects that had recently been completed, discussing possible future projects and gaining a better understanding about how our Uganda partners seek to serve their community by carrying out projects where they are most needed rather than where they would be easy.

This trip will remain in our memories as ‘the flat tyre trip’ since this problem featured rather high on the agenda on several occasions. Fortunately we were never far from a garage wFlat tyre 1here we were able to get things sorted.


Support for the Safe Motherhood Programme

26 Jul

Burdett LogoThe Safe Motherhood Programme comprises 9 outreach clinics bringing health care services to people in remote parts of the community, who would find it hard to travel to Kimtab Clinic. We are delighted to have been given a grant from the Burdett Trust for Nursing, which will allow us to operate the programme for 5 years.