Reading Library


During the last few years KRDP has provided funds to allow text books to be bought for the school but had never been able to provide a reading library. Whilst appropriate text books can be bought within Uganda, reading books would generally need to be sent from UK, which is expensive. During our Trustees visit in 2014 we met representatives of the Africa Educational Trust whose principal work is setting up libraries in primary schools. The visited Butta Primary School and agreed, provide we could collect 1000 books within 5 weeks, that they would set up a library in Butta Primary School.

With the help of local schools and churches we were able to do this.  The books formed part of a large consignment being sent by Africa Educational Trust. They reached the school safely and, during their next visit, Africa Educational Trust spent time in the school to catalogue the books, arrange them in bookshelves that KRDP had sourced from local carpenters and then train some of the teachers to enable them to operate a school library. This has made a huge difference to the school. The staff are very proud of this new addition to their facilities and the pupils are enjoying now having good quality books to read.


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