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The Kimbuta Rural Development Programme (KRDP) has been working for the past twenty years in Kimaluli-Butta, a village in Manafwa district of Eastern Uganda, approximately 200km from the national capital Kampala. It is a rural area where the majority of people rely on subsistence farming for their living. It has a rudimentary electricity supply but no running water or mains drainage.

KRDP works as a partnership between a Registered Charity in the UK and a Non-Governmental Organisation in Uganda.

Why are we needed?
The Ugandan government has policies on issues such as education and healthcare, but these often have to be implemented by local people. People have the necessary skills, and are ready and willing to work, but often cannot purchase the materials and other resources that are needed.

In the UK, KRDP raises funds which our Uganda partners can use to purchase these resources. They provide the creativity, resourcefulness and commitment to carry out the work and deliver projects that improve the quality of life and opportunities for the whole community.

How we work together
After twenty years, this partnership between the people in the UK and Uganda is based on really solid experience and mutual confidence. Each project builds on the achievements of those that have gone before, helping the community to move forward in more than one area at a time.

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We do not decide the local priorities from the UK. We are guided by our partners since they understand the needs of their community far better than we ever could.  Our approach, based on partnership between the UK and Uganda has proved to be an effective means of enabling Ugandans to meet the needs of their own community.

Kimbuta Rural Development Programme is a Registered Charity No 1093008

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  1. Wefwafwa Andrew July 26, 2018 at 4:49 pm #

    Always thank God for bringing you people to our community studied from butta and kimaluli the schools you built I’m now completing my course diploma in clinical medicine in gulu school of clinical officers thanks for the foundation may God bless you Dr Morgan, engineer Erick ,David we love you krdp

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