About KRDP

faces of ugandan children

The Kimbuta Rural Development Programme is made up of two groups: a registered charity in the UK and a Non-Governmental Organisation in Uganda.

We work in Kimaluli-Butta, a village in Manafwa district of Eastern Uganda, approximately 200km from the national capital Kampala. It is a rural area where the majority of people rely on subsistence farming for their living.

The context in which we work 
The Ugandan government has policies on education and healthcare, but these have to be implemented by local people. In Kimaluli-Butta, the people are ready and willing to work, but often lack resources.

The UK charity raises funds which can be used to carry out projects that improve the quality of life and opportunities for the whole community.

How we work together
The UK charity does not decide the local priorities: our approach is based on partnership working in which supporters provide the funds to enable Ugandans to meet the needs of their own communities.

krdp trustees

We aim for a confident partnership between the people in the UK and Uganda, so that each project can build on the achievements of another, helping a whole community move forward in more than one area at a time.

Kimbuta Rural Development Programme is a Registered Charity No 1093008

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